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The VR Juggler Toolbox

The VR Juggler Toolbox is a collection of various software tools and demos for use with VR Juggler, an open source development platform for virtual reality applications.

The toolbox is a project by and for the developers' community surrounding VR Juggler. Anyone can submit their work to the toolbox and be recognized for their contributions.

VR Juggler Toolbox Project Page: www.sourceforge.net/projects/vrjtoolbox----------------------------------

VR Juggler website:

Recent Announcements

  • September 30th, 2004   vjAvatar 2.0 Alpha 4 has been released for use with VR Juggler 2.0 Alpha 4.
  • March 23, 2003   vjAvatar has been added to the toolbox! The vjAvatar library allows developers to easily integrate animated characters into their virtual environments.